About our Archive

最近、みそもくそも一緒にパッケージしてボリュームアップしたリマスターや周年企画盤がいろいろと登場しています。Sounds from Ototobaもこれまで発表してきたアルバムやEPのアウトテークや未発表テークやセッションテーク、はたまたSDに記録していた素材集などを解説付きで紹介していきたいと思います。お楽しみください。 Recently, so many remastered and anniversary planning albums that have been packaged together with musicians demo and outtakes, have been released.  Sounds from Ototoba would also like to introduce the independent tracks from our album and EP’s out-takes, unpublished tracks and session takes. Even sound material collections that were recorded in SD CARD in the studio or somewhere. Every takes will be our interesting and some historical comments with. Please enjoy.